Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole

So here it is. Food diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. All laid out for the world to see. My month trying to cut out sugar (one week at a time) and make everything from scratch. I’ve been feeling sluggish, prone to sugar cravings and out of control snacking recently. Out. Of. Control. I’ve reached a tipping point where all I want is to treat my body a little better.

I usually cook a lot from scratch but recently I’ve relied on more prepackaged foods, which always have added sugar and other things that just aren’t great for your body. I end up feeling crappy, more tired and buy myself a sharing packet of maltesers for energy. The cycle continues. Ahhhhhhhhh!

I’m resetting, getting back to basics and putting it out there for all to see. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole is about accountability and hopefully some ideas for anyone else wanting to reset.

So here we are. Sunday night. One last bottle of prosecco and then it’s hello 2 little pieces of fruit per day and a butt load of veg. Real Life.

You can read how Day 1 went here.

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