Day 6. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole

Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole documents our real life journeys with healthy eating. In this series we’re trying to reduce sugar, eliminate premade processed foods and eat more whole foods. You can read how Day 5 went here.

Day 6 – the one where I give up and eat cake (again)

8am There’s always something delicious at my parents. This time it was a gigantic double chocolate cake. One of the first things my mother said when I walked through door, “We have cake!” I managed not to have it for breakfast. I went for toast and jam with a side of porridge and fruit. So restrained.  Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 6 Breakfast11am Cake.

12:30pm I’m writing this retrospectively so it’s hazy but I think we had a mix of random supermarket bargains. One was some yummy Indian rice dish (checked the ingredients and it was surprisingly junk free – well done Morrisons). The other was haggis pizza (didn’t partake).

6pm Homemade mum-made fish pie. Yaaas!

8pm Board game time and snacks. Honestly trying to reduce my sugar intake is achievable when I’m at home but no one wants a picky houseguest. So I tried to make the best choices available (do you believe me and my cake eating self?) but not at the expense of having a good time with family and friends. So there was wine and all kinds of snacks that may or may not have contained sugar. I didn’t check. And thus ended my week of low sugar because Sunday is a rest day obviously.

Things I learned on Day 6. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole.
  • I don’t want my healthy eating challenges to get in the way of being social.
  • I want to keep up a reduced sugar, cooking from scratch lifestyle but being realistic and allowing is probably the key to sustaining that.
  • Reducing processed foods and high sugar foods lowers your tolerance for them. I noticed how they affected my body more when I consumed them less and that in turn was motivation to make better choices.

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