Day 4. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole

Food Diaries documents our real life journeys with healthy eating. In this series we’re trying to reduce sugar, eliminate premade processed foods and eat more whole foods. You can read how Day 3 Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole went here.

Day 4

7am Oats again. Really need to change it up a bit. It was good and at least I could throw it together in a sleepy haze. Went for strawberries, pistachios and natural yoghurt. Not much to write home about but it set me up for the day and I really am not missing my sprinkle of sugar.
Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 4 Breakfast1:30pm Working through lunch so grabbing some work catering to see me through. Don’t eat too much if I’m honest. Too distracted – SUCH a hard worker. But there’s a ton of salad so I opt for that with chicken skewers and a slab of brie.
Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 4 Lunch4:00pm In need of a massive boost. Thankfully a colleague magics a punnet of strawberries out of nowhere. Gorge myself. I’m not hungry but my brain is fried and they keep me going for the final few hours.

5:30pm Alone in the office and there’s an open packet of lime chocolate Lindt on the desk next to me. I go to break myself off a cheeky piece and then remember I’m supposed to be cutting down on refined sugars and I’m keeping a diary of that so I manage to walk away. Quite proud of myself for not stealing from a co-worker and for sticking to my goals.

7pm Barrie is making a quinoa and feta salad when I get home with leftover Sun-Dried tomato pesto. Plus he has wine! What a babe.

9:00pm Evening kitchen grazing…I’ve discovered that sliced bananas on my unsweetened banana bread is amazing. Total treat.

What I’ve learned from Day 4. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole.
  • I actually have self control and feel pretty good when I exercise it!
  • Strawberries are a better afternoon pick me up than a bag of maltesers.

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