Day 3. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole

Food Diaries documents our real life journeys with healthy eating. In this series we’re trying to reduce sugar, eliminate premade processed foods and eat more whole foods. You can read how Day 2 went here.

Day 3

Packed out day and packed out evening so here’s the fastest shortest Food Diary so far…

7am Spirulina blueberry porridge. Held up without sugar. Lashing of coconut milk helped though. Boom!
Food Diaires. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 3 Breakfast10:30am Chocolate banana bread brownie from an amazing colleague. Another example of why total food restrictions are not my jam. Had two.

1:30pm Leftovers. Quinoa and pinto beans. Total desk lunch but delish. It’s all about having proper food at lunch.
Food Diaires. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 3 Lunch3:00pm Had another homemade banana bread brownie. Three was maybe too many. Still learning moderation.

6:30pm Attempted to make a buckwheat salad. Overcooked the buckwheat. A bit sad as I was trying so hard to make something delish I even toasted the buckwheat before cooking it. Involved! A lemon, olive oil, cider vinegar and fresh ginger dressing helped mask how over cooked it was. Added fried courgette and red pepper, feta cheese, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint and parsley. Turned out pretty good in the end. Barrie’s sourdough on the side also saved the meal. Bread!

What I’ve learned from Day 3. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole.
  • I am experimenting more with different foods. So far this has helped me be more creative in the kitchen.
  • Sometimes the outcome isn’t the amazing meal you imagined it to be but it means I’m learning! And most of the time it’s salvageable​.
  • I love beans. They are a heavenly comfort food.
  • Life really is for living and there is no shame eating a delicious brownie or two. But maybe three in the space of a few hours is a bit excessive…

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