Day 2. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole

Food Diaries documents our real life journeys with healthy eating. In this series we’re trying to reduce sugar, eliminate premade processed foods and eat more whole foods. You can read how Day 1 went here.

Day 2.

7am Added cacao powder to my porridge this morning. I was a bit worried it would be bitter without any sweetness but with the fresh cherries it was totally yummy.Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 2. Breakfast9:30am Have discovered peppermint and licorice tea. Sweetness! Apparently my sweet tooth is satisfied with that. Do I really need as many sweet treats as I thought I did…?

10am Someone on Instagram has posted a photo of doughnut balls. Lord help me. Probably a lesson in why I shouldn’t check Instagram at work. Make more licorice tea.

1:30pm Over ordered catering for a work event. Scrounge off the leftovers. There was a surprising amount of whole food options. Butternut squash, green beans, salad, a LOT of cheese and some oat cakes.Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 2. Lunch6pm Halfway through making dinner and Barrie messages to say he’ll be home late. I could chill out but instead I try to find out if it’s possible to make a banana bread without any added sweetness. The internet doesn’t think so but I go ahead anyway.

7pm Banana bread in the oven. Barrie’s home and we finish making dinner. Red snapper with Cajun spice, lime juice and spring onions, Caribbean spiced rice, leftover jacket potatoes chopped and fried for double carb action and cabbage. The red snapper is crazy good.Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 2. Dinner7:30pm Had two strawberries and it basically feels like I’ve had dessert.

8pm Well, it’s sort of possible to make an unsweetened banana bread. Just don’t expect a cake. It’s a slightly sweet bread. This one is spelt and buckwheat with cinnamon and cacao for a bit of extra flavour. It still feels indulgent though. Good times.

What I’ve learnt from Day 2. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole.
  • I’ve realised that I’m not into viewing fruit as something you should avoid just because it contains natural sugars. When I thought about making an unsweetened banana bread it popped into my head “is that too much sugar from fruit ?” What am I on???!! No. That’s not what I want this to be about but sometimes reading up on things on the internet can make you a little crazy.
  • Reducing the amount of processed and prepackaged foods from my life is making me feel physically better. I’m not as bloated and I didn’t have an afternoon slump today.
  • I’m snacking less because unless I pack my own snacks there isn’t a huge amount of options. This means I don’t​ feel so uncomfortably full. My belly is getting a break and it makes my meals taste better.
  • Cooking exciting meals from scratch takes time but it is so worth it.
  • Make friends with spices, citrus and herbs. They will help you out no end.

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