Day 1. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole

Food Diaries documents our real life journeys with healthy eating. In this series we’re trying to reduce sugar, eliminate premade processed foods and eat more whole foods.

Day 1

7am Fixed myself some porridge. Did not add sugar. Win. Added natural yoghurt (live cultures!) and crushed walnuts on top. Poured over some coconut milk which seems to taste sweet even though the ingredients tell me there’s definitely no sugar in it. At the last minute I decide to throw on a sliced strawberry. Fruit is not the enemy people! This is completely satisfying. Maybe cutting out the excessive sugar consumption is going to be easy.

9:30am I forgot about the office Bake Off.

9:45am This week’s submission is a matcha sponge with orange icing. This is what they mean when they say ‘yolo’. Life is for living and so I am having some cake.

Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 1. Cake

10:30am I have no cake regrets.

1pm: Pop home for lunch and have smoky cumin pinto beans, rice and rocket. Sunday food prepping saving the day. But there’s a nagging thought that sweet always follows savoury and WHERE IS DESSERT? I manage the cravings by realising I’m going to be late back to work if I don’t leave right now.

Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 1. Lunch

2:30pm I don’t feel tired or sluggish (whole food meals win) but I’m craving an afternoon sugar fix. It’s completely out of habit because I’m not hungry in the slightest. I don’t have any fruit on me so I’m just pushing through. I write the word nourish on a post-it and stick it to my computer – hoping that’ll remind me to give my body what it needs and not give in to malteser eating habits… It’s been up there for 3 minutes and so far it’s working.

5:30pm I made it to the end of the day afternoon without a sugar fix. V.good. I have drunk a lot of water to compensate. Also v.good. Walking home I discover a half empty bag of pistachios in my handbag. I must have put them in there for sugarfree snacking emergencies. Eat them all.

7pm Aldi have a deal on quinoa so I am making the most of that. Quinoa with broccoli, courgette, cucumber, halloumi and a quick sun-dried tomato pesto. Essentially just sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, a garlic clove, some oil and lemon juice. God bless my scrappy food processor.

Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 1. Dinner

8:45pm Popped to the supermarket for some washing up sponges (I’m in my 30’s if you can’t already tell). This is normally my time to convince Barrie that we should get food treats. Amazingly I made it out with just washing up sponges. Maybe this is just the first day motivation but I’d say that was pretty much a miracle.

9:00pm Am contemplating eating the stewed rhubarb (def contains added sugar) in the fridge. 

Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole. Day 1. Rhubarb

9:05pm Ate it. But it was homemade so that is the good kind of sweet treat. Nourishing.

9:30pm Turmeric ginger tea. Always.

Things I have learnt from Day 1. Food Diaries. Quitting sugar, eating whole.
  • Eating whole foods is not an issue if you’re prepared and have some go to recipes. Preparation is the key.
  • Crappy, pre packaged, processed snacks are what I crave but it’s really just habit rather than need.
  • Drinking water seems to be a helpful way to relieve sugar cravings but that might just be me.
  • I don’t have any regrets eating homemade sugary treats. Its nice to eat cakes that people have taken the time to make. I think I will file this under social and soul health. 

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